Hi everyone, we have tried medals with both the 3 ball and 4 ball format

on a Saturday now I want to try something different.

From 7.30 to 9.52am it will be the 3 Ball format and from 10.00am

it will be 4 Balls thereafter.

Obviously if the early starters can get round quicker it should

filter down throughout the day.

However with 7.5 min intervals for the 3 ball and 10 mins for

the 4 ball you are still getting 24 players per hour and so far

in my playing experience there has not been any significant

difference it has taken to get round.

If on average it takes 4 hours to complete a round on a

Saturday I would much rather play in a 4 Ball format

with 10 Min intervals so there is less waiting time per shot.

However this is an attempt to give YOU what you would prefer

and I can only do this if I get accurate and constructive feedback

so please feel free to let me know what your experience has been

so far and what you would prefer going forward.