A vast improvement in the number of people who put down their

finishing times, 88 up from only 35 in the Archie Williams.

Pitchmark repairs were noticeably down due to the very firm

greens with only the par 3’s having any significant amounts.

The time taken to get round improved slightly as the earlier starters

averaged 3h.30mins which by 9.00 is a 15min improvement,

between 9.00 and 10.50 although slipping to 3h 45 m was still

a 20 minute improvement but there seems to be a natural drift.

The 4 Balls from 11.00am to 1.50pm then averaged between 3.50 and 4.00 hours

until the last group got lost somewhere;( OK sorry that was David Melon’s group)

again that is a 20min improvement so hopefully we can continue this trend.

There are still quite a few members who feel uncomfortable “hitting out of turn”

so if everyone can encourage their playing partners to play when ready this

will help to try and change their attitude.

Overall then, a good improvement from the first medal but we need more

to mark their finishing times as it seems to give an added focus

and also we want more players to accommodate Ready Golf.

My final comment, Willie Brown has won 2 Saturday medals in the last

few years and both times I have marked his card !!!

Who wants me as a marker next competition.


Sid Noble