February has arrived, thank goodness! hopefully we get some better weather now until the start of the season. Already we are beginning to see more and more members dusting down their clubs as they start to get ready for the upcoming season.

Now is a great time for reflection and goal setting. How did last season go? what are the aims/goals for 2018? More importantly how are you going to achieve them?

We all love to play great golf and if you get the season off to a fast start then the chances are momentum and enthusiasm create more desire to play and practice, this can crucially set you up for a successful season. What is they say… ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’  Small steps taken over the next few weeks can have a significant impact in your game, but they don’t happen over night.

Practising the right things, monitoring improvement and receiving accurate feedback is some of the keys to getting more out of your game this year. Scott and Chris are always on hand to help with any aspects of the game you wish to discuss, new 2018 lessons packages can be view here and now with the instalments of the new practice nets on the grounds, whats your excuse for not getting ready for the new season?