What’s new for 2018 

Freeing-Time up for members 

We have made some significant changes to our booking system this Winter to try and create a better members experience. What are these changes and why make them? Scott Clark our Director of Golf explains.

The biggest change to our tee times is the previous 6 minute intervals will be replaced by 7.5 minutes. ‘Yes, this will mean that there are less times to reserve during the course of the day and you may have a slightly later tee time than one previously enjoyed but the pros definitely out weight the cons’ Scott said. Starting with a short par 4 that is followed by a short par 3 with the tee directly behind the 1st green prevents any real game flow from the beginning. This problem is multiplied if the tee sheet is full of fourballs and one or two longish hitters of the ball in any game have to wait until the game in front is out of reach. As you can imagine 6 minutes is definitely not long enough to get out of reach by finishing the first hole and as a result games can get backlogged and condensed until the longer holes come into play and naturally stretch games. He went on to explain, 7.5 minutes is not the sole answer to slow play but it is a step in the right direction and that extra time gives games a better chance to complete the 1st hole without undue delay.

The Early Bird is gone 

One of our rates – the early bird, has been removed. The early bird was a reduced visitor rate between 8am and 9am Monday to Friday. It was popular with visitors, but so too is this time with our membership and our focus is always the membership, the people who support and are proud to be associated with the club.

It is hoped however, that by removing the early bird rate and blocking the tee sheet with members only times between 8am – 9am Monday to Friday, that members have the opportunity to book the first times in any given day.

Also the proshop and greenstaff have slightly longer in the morning to prepare for any visitors playing the course that day and have a chance to improve the experience given to them.

That Friday Feeling 

We have also introduced members only times from 8am – 1pm, three Friday’s in every month. This is hopefully seen as a compromise to the membership. We know that Friday is a busy day for playing members but so too is it a significant selling day for visitor party tee times. Like all golf clubs Prestonfield needs to be open to this potential revenue. The aim of this change however, is to have one Friday every month that the Professional shop can offer advanced reservations the opportunity to secure playing privileges with the other three Fridays closed until 1pm for members only.

Wednesday Evenings

During the season Wednesday evenings from 3pm onwards will be members only. This will allow the opportunity for more members to play the mid week medal without visitor reservations interfering. This is particularly important due to the reduction of tee times available with the new 7.5 minute starting times.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the golfing experience, firstly to our members and secondly to visitors and guests of the club. This is the first significant change to the tee sheet in my time at the club. The decision to change was not taken lightly it was however, taken on feedback from the membership and by reviewing the visitor data. We will of course keep monitoring the changes and be in a position to adapt and modify should we need to.

Please feel free to ask any members of the Professional team about the changes.

Happy Holidays