Hi Guys, the closing date for all the summer matchplays is fast approaching,

Friday 1st April so if you want to enter, the envelopes are in the lounge.

The Quaich is open to all ages as is the Summer Foursomes,

The Dick Cunyngham is for under 55’s and the McLure for 55 plus.

However please only enter if you can make your self readily available

ie not away on extended holidays or working abroad or can only

play Sunday morning at 8.00am, you get my drift.

It is especially awkward with the Foursomes trying to arrange ties

if one or the other can only play either weekdays or weekends.

5 Day Members are not eligible but Silver members are.

For the avoidance of doubt, its only the Club Championships

that the Silver Members are not eligible.

Entry Fees £3 pp for the 3 single competitions and £5 per pair

for the Foursomes.