As promised a percentage of the pot has been set aside each week during January when the Jackpot isn’t won for anyone who correctly chooses three numbers on the lottery.

So far, in week one of 2018, Ian Cowan received £100 for choosing three balls missing out on the jackpot putting 10 instead of 20.

Robert Meikle joined him in week two with 3 scintillating choices and a near miss choosing 19 not 13.  Also joining him with 3 numbers were Alistair Bisset needing to swap a 7 for a 12 and Ian Dale needing a 13 for his 16. The jackpot is getting closer!

For your chance to win the jackpot with 4 or a part of the £100 enter online or on the sheet in the bar. New minimum Jackpot £828.50

Good luck