On a glorious Sunday the Invitation Texas Scramble was held and was enjoyed by the 96 people who played.

The winning score was an excellent 52 by Adrian Innes, Mick McCartney, Davy Cunningham and Nicol Cunningham.

It was nice to see a lot of the Ladies playing in the event and would like to point out that the teams who finished 2nd through to 6th contained a Lady golfer.

The winners are as follows;

Winners : A Innes, M McCartney, D Cunningham and N Cunningham -£30 each

Runners Up : A Dickson, A McNeill, F McNeill and C Lavery – £20 each

3rd Place: A Larter, P Larter, A Sey and M Sey – £10 each

Envelopes are in the Pro Shop


Alan Dickson