We are looking for the next Rory or Tiger….

The Cadet Course

This is the second year running for the Cadets. The first year was a success with many handicaps coming down and kids taking their first steps towards a lifetime of sporting enjoyment.

Limited availability

16 People (8 in each class)


£95 + £25 (Membership)

Who’s it for

  • Member of the club
  • Ideally someone with a handicap (However, not critical if pass assessment)
  • Must complete an assessment if a new student
  • Regular Player
  • Good course etiquette

What you get

  • Training Log
  • Weekly Lessons
  • Sunday On-Course Times

Tuesday or Friday

Term 1: April – June

Term 2: August – October

The Junior + Course

The Junior + is aimed at older more experienced players looking to develop their game and compete in different Competitions outwith the club as well as in it. All coaching will be done individually over the year with one lesson a month.

Limited availability


£120 + £50 (Membership)

Who’s it for

  • 15-18 Years Old
  • Handicap of 24 or better
  • Must complete assessment

What you get

  • Training Log
  • Practice Log
  • 10 x 40 Minute Individual Lessons
  • Trackman sessions included
  • On Course sessions included
  • Sunday On Course

If interested please register with the Professionals Shop by the 31st of March 2018.

Coach Bio

Chris has been one of the Teaching Professional’s at Prestonfield for 2 years now. As our junior ambassador his main focus is on the long term junior development and wellbeing of all the juniors at the Club.

Chris’s philosophy is a lifetime of enjoying the game is built on FUNdamentals! This is evident in all the different programmes and camps he organises every year.