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Business Plan Progress

From the SMART objectives set in this plan, we will keep score of our progress and have selected 4 key indicators to monitor as follows:–

Key Performance Indicators 

           Prestonfield GC  Edinburgh City  Edinburgh Area      National

SO 1 – Governance- March 2014    

                71.4%               75.6%                  75.6%                   76.25

Increase % score by 5% and to stay above national average thereafter

SO 2 – Golf Course-                       

                84.3%               78.9%                  78.9%                   82.7%

Increase % score by 1% and to stay 2% above national average thereafter       

SO 3 –Membership –  

                                 PGC March 2014                       PGC October 2014

Full members                        342

Under 31                                 32

Retain 95% of membership by October 2014 attract 15% new members each year till full membership attained.

SO 6– Juniors                          65

Retain 95% of Juniors by October 2014 attract 15% new Juniors each year.

If you have any comments or queries regarding the Business Plan please pass them to the Council via the Club Secretary.

Survey Results 2015


Prestonfield Golf Course Greens Committee 

Winter Program 15-16 updates

Course Walk Details and Progress 2014/2015

Members Update – Greens

As we are getting near the start of the 2017 golfing season I would like to give you an update on progress on winter programme and our plans.

The winter programme is now almost complete, the new drainage on the second fairway is in place, work felling trees on the course is also well progressed.

As always our plans are dependent, if all goes well the 9th and 13th holes will be brought back into play in March after the bunkers have been filled with sand. The new 17th green to be used for first time in the Spring meeting at the end of April.

We also now have a new communications channel for members, should you have any course comments or suggestions we have a form on the club website – the greens committee will be delighted to hear your thoughts, alternatively you can contact us on

Last October we ran a successful members communications evening where we gave an update on the winter programme, we are planning to run a further event on Thursday 6th April (first day of the Masters). This will be a short presentation on what has been done on the course over the winter and our objectives for 2017, we will be issuing more details nearer the time.

Please add this date to your diary and also get in touch if there is any specific topic you would like to see covered on the night.