With Saturday nearly here please see below the day’s timings. It’s great to see so many members taking part in this year’s competition. Thank you for your continued support, it’s greatly appreciated.

Hopefully, we get some good weather for the BBQ which will be setup at the clubhouse. Could I please ask anyone playing after 1pm to get their food from the grill before they tee-off. There will be of course some drinks/sweet stations around the course as well to keep you fuelled up.

Lastly, if you haven’t yet could you please contact the professional shop on 0131 667 8597 and gives us your team name.

See you all on Saturday

Professional Day 2017
Team Name Time Name Name Name Name
Dawn Patrol 7.30 N. Scott R. Little T. Alston I. McKenna
Hasbeens  7.40 P Jackson J. Pacitti  S. Hill C Grieve
  7.50 A. Innes T. Blackie D. Smith D. Cunningham
Papa Huga 8.00 W. King D. Borthwick A. Wallace R. Henretty
  8.10 S. Wood A. Lister M. Welsh TBC
  8.20 F. Fisher L. McLaughlan  D. Paulin  N. Dall
  8.30 S.Lister S. Denovan C. Sinclair R. McLennan
  8.40 S. Taylor P. Chalmers A. McKinnon D. Jones
  8.50 J. Miller M. Nicholson C. Walker I. Russell
Edinburgh University  Bingo Dabbers 9.00 D. Phillips  J. Binnie A. Cavaye D. Thomson
  9.10 J. Watson I. MacDonald G. Ballantyne G. McCurdy
  9.20 E. Tomney G. McLennan M. Hutchison N. Cunningham 
  9.30 A. Deas S. Dickson D. Syme K. Robertson
Hobos with a grin 9.40 K. Hanlon K. McCormack  A. Blaney P. Boyle
  9.50 R. Rennie J. Ginnelly J. Meehan D. Smith
  10.10 J. McKenzie R. Manson Craig I. Highley
  10.20 G. Moran B. Meehan B. Robertson R. Quilietti 
  10.30 S. Britee A. Dickson I. Cowan P. Plenderleith 
  10.40 A. Slaven Boomer D. Kidd C. Clarke
  10.50 C. Williamson G. Williamson G. Smith W. Smith
  11.00 M. Law M. Cranston A. Taylor E. Paterson
  11.10 A. Stewart J. Hardie W. Brown TBC
  11.20 D. Paterson TBC TBC TBC
  11.30 D. Lambert  A. Gray J. Edwards D. Milne
Happy Hackers 11.40 G. McKay J. Riddell A. Gunn I. Ross
Honest Men 11.50 K. McGhee W. Murphy W. Armstrong A. Mills
Short Hitters 12.00 K. Wood D. Cooper M. Smith P. Frain
  12.10 R. Gillon D. Blyth I. Blyth K. Mevthen
  12.20 P. McManus D. Hoskins G. Sinclair D. Melon
  12.30 G Gerrerd J O’Neil S. Lyons C. McCullough
  12.40 G. Wilson J. Marshall J. Hoy D. Meldrum
The Pilates Ladies 12.50 L. Robertson M Khalid-Ali C Syme B McQuillan 
  1.00 P. Givan P. Wallace M. Paris A. Keir
  1.10 C. McDonald P. Melon G. MacDonald A. McEwan
Family Fortunes  1.20 J. O’Brien L. Taylor J Reid N. O’Brien 
Tam Mack 1.30 C. Blyth A. Larter M. Johston K. McNaughton
  1.40 D. Johnston D. Swinley K. Campbell M. Fraser
  1.50 S. Kelley P. Begg J. Fisken Jamie
  2.00 K. Phillips TBC TBC TBC
  2.10 S. Todd S Rafferty K. Laing D. Ford
  2.20 G. Keanie D. Salmon G Summer M McDermott
  2.30 J. McEwing E. McEwing TBC TBC
  2.40 K. McEwing J. McEwing M. Welsh F. Constable