This is supposed to be FUN, that is the worst I have

felt coming of the Golf Course all Winter.

However 90 brave souls out of 124 did manage to make it.

There were 3 very good scores of 40 Points;

Nathan Brogan, Ally Hastie and David Paterson who all won £40.

There were also 3 good scores of 39 points;

Mev Welsh, Ian Ross and Roger Manson who all won £20.

Kev Wood won the best Scratch Total with 36 points for £20.

There were 11 x 2’s in total which was for £6 each

Jimmy McIlwaine had 2, all the other mentions had 1 each.

P. White, D. Kaye, K. Hanlon, R. Bisset, D. Jervis, B. Murphy,

D. Paterson, A. Mills and S. Noble.