Hi Guys, please see the draw below.

The handicap per team is 15% of the total and each player needs only to

play a minimum of 3 shots from the tee as this is predominantly a fun

competition and a precursor to watching how the real guys do it.

Scott our Chef is providing an Italian Buffet when we all come in so

can you please let the Pro Shop know if you are taking this option.

It is £10 for the buffet and golf or £3 only for the golf.

Shotgun Texas Scramble, Sunday 22nd July 2017
Be At your designated hole ready to play at 8.55am.

Hole Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
1 Billy Murphy Ian Ross Mark Graham Brian Robertson
2 Davy Smith Yvonne Blyth James Meechan Peter Sharkey
3 Kev McNaughton Ian Blyth Graham Clouston Mike Dickson
4 Robert Rennie Scott Britee Barbara McQuillan Neal Rooney
5 David Ford John Binnie Gary Wilson Maggie Khalid Ali
6 C. Williamson G. Williamson G.Smith W.Smith
7 Liz Robertson Karen Craig A.Bearhop Rachel Smith
8 Colin Grieve Ian McKenna Neil Scott Peter White
9 J.Pacitti R.Little Stevie Hill John Allan
10 Mev Welsh A.Lister Tom Alston D.Allan
11 Stevie Lyon David Melon Paul McManus Peter Melon
12 P.Plenderleith Davy Lambert Rab Hill Tam Steven
13 D.Cunningham M.McCartney Tam Blackie Adrian Innes
14 Chris Sinclair Murray Fraser Shaun Kelley J.J O’Neill
15 Jimmy Ginnelly Ian Cowan Andy Gray S.McKirdy
16 Al McEwan Raymond Taylor Craig Given John Hardie
17 Mark Smith Jay Hoy Alan Paterson Sid Noble
18 Kev Smith Derek Blyth Craig Stewart Corriene Blyth