The final round of the Open produced a stunning contest

between Mickelson and Stenson with the Swede deservedly

winning his first ever major competition.

Just as stunning was the performance of my partners,

Kev Wood, Billy Murphy and Paul Thomson who managed to

carry me round and post the winning score.

1st Place with a scratch score of 60 less 6.9, net 53.1 was

Kev Wood, Billy Murphy, Paul Thomson and Sid Noble.

2nd Place with a scratch score of 61 less 5.1, net 55.9 was

Ian McKenna, Colin Grieve, Tom Alston and Neil Scott.

3rd Place with a scratch score of 69 less 12, net 57.0 was

J. Moir, S. McKenzie, A. Mcinnes and K. McNaughton

1st Prize £25 each, 2nd Prize £15 each and 3rd Prize £10 each.

It is a fun competition that proves to be popular with all

the players and we will look to do something similar

on the final day of the Ryder Cup.