As many of us know a plastic golf tee can survive 30-40 rounds of golf before finally capitulating to the blows of an amateur golfer which is why you’ll find Scott recommends biodegradable wooden tees (just joking Scott!) but as we all know this is a serious issue.

Following the fantastic BBC series from Mr Attenborough many of us have stopped using straws. Recycling, reusable upcycling and single use plastic are increasingly important to our members and our community.

It is no surprise that after the AGM this topic was raised and we are trying to do our best, albeit quietly.

We currently pay for two main bin collections per week, one for the recyclables and one for general waste.

Recent changes to the bar have seen us remove the swizzle sticks for stirring drinks and we now use washable metal stirrers. We still have straws but they’re on request rather than an obligatory offer.

For those who take a coffee out onto the course we are checking the packaging is bio degradable and we will ensure we comply by March (if we currently don’t).

On the golf course we are increasingly using the debris from dangerous trees (that we need to cut down) to create a wildlife habitat.

if anyone has any suggestions to help we’ll happily hear them at