Top Up reward scheme for Members a free £25!


How do I do I get this Free £25 on my card?


If you put £100 on your card at the bar in one transaction you will receive £125 credit on your Member card. As we wish people to come in to the lounge, the only rule is that you must credit your card in person.


Top Up Scheme – For years the club has debated having a £50 or £100 bar levy but the majority of members of Council have always resisted this on behalf of the membership, for many good and sound reasons. We want members to choose to use the bar and restaurant not feel forced to. There is a 10% discount on certain items if you use your card and we wanted to do more for members who both use the facilities and to encourage others to join them. The buzz during Championship week seems the perfect time.


Council has decided to create a voluntary incentive, a carrot rather than a stick, to encourage more members to use our fantastic Restaurant and Lounge. Furthermore your Council agreed to trial the top up scheme for Members during the forthcoming Championship week.


The rules of the scheme are during the Championship Week – Monday – Saturday, if you put £100 on your card at the bar in one transaction you will receive £125 credit on your bar card.


We are doing this for a variety of reasons. Once the cash is on your card you can use it to fund purchases of anything we sell in the bar or restaurant. There is no time line so even if you want to just put money away for the Christmas Lunch and never use the bar or restaurant until then, that is permissible but not the point of the exercise. We trust all members will see this as an opportunity to buy their friends lunch or just come up and support the matches out on the course. Each member will be able to benefit to a minimum and maximum of £25. You can only do this once during Championship Week and it is not cumulative £20 times 5 – it must be one transaction of £100. The purpose includes reducing the frequency of top ups, the reduction of cash, staff time processing and a host of other reasons which are contained in the proposal. If the top up Scheme is successful which we will assess at the end of June we may do it again before the end of the season.