Apologies for  delay in recent posts as I have had technical issues with access to the website.

Following recent long spells of frosty weather, the winter programme has fallen slightly behind schedule, however we are hoping that we will catch up and complete the winter programme without going to far over the target completion dates.

The lombardy poplar trees, immediately behind the 8th green, have all required felling, having been examined by our tree surgeon.  They were all found to be damaged and liable to come down at any time, therefore for the safety of the public, golfers and staff it was deemed necessary for them to be removed.

Additionally following the removal of the hawthorn and elderberry trees at the right hand side of the 11th tee, the dip was much larger than anticipated and has required 130 tonnes of material to level and 120sq2 meters of turf to renovate. This gives us an additional medal tee playing area with a small border next to the wall for some additional plants for course colour and presentation.

Douglas Mackenzie

Head Greenkeeper