Hi Guys, we have most things covered for our Gents Senior Open

on Thursday 15th June however some extra cover would help.

Our Secretary Liam and the Pro Shop are covering starting duties

from 8.00am till 12 noon so if anyone could do starting duties

from 12 till about 2.00pm or part thereof that would be an enormous help.

Also Ian Ross and Jay Hoy are covering the Registration process

until about 2.00pm so we are looking for someone just to collect

the scorecards from the players when they finish between about

2.30pm to about 5.00ish and record their gross and net scores

on the Results board, only a pen required, would be greatly appreciated.

Our erstwhile Captain Al McEwan will be “floating ” about to

lend a guiding hand when and if required.

Light refreshments and some food will be provided !!!