Just to let everyone know the number of people who marked

their finishing times and noted the number of pitchmarks they repaired.

Also to let you know the time it took to complete the round by

starting times throughout the day.

Out of 128 people who played on Saturday 35 people put down

their finishing times and a slightly less number marked their

pitchmark repairs.

8.00am took 3 hours 25 mins to finish

8.30am took 3 hours 40 mins

9.00am took 3 hours 55 mins

9.30am took 4 hours 5 mins

10.00am took 4 hours 20mins (one group in-between lost 15 mins)

10.30am took 4 hours 10 mins all 3 balls upto 10.52am

11.00am took 4 hours 10 mins starting 8 mins late, first 4 ball

thereafter all the rounds were between 4.05 and 4.20 hours long.

As you can see there was a gradual drift in times between 8 and 9

and by 9.30 we are over 4 hours which has set the pace for the

whole day and that was all the 3 ball format.

This was a Stableford competition, ok it was the first medal,

playing off the whites for the first time this year but clearly the earlier

players have more of a responsibility to keep up with the pace.

Remember we do encourage “play when ready” when it is safe

to do so and with Stableford you can pick up if you are out the points.

We will continue to monitor this situation and hopefully more players

will participate in marking their finishing times and using the card to

record the number of pitchmarks they repair, by doing this we can

hopefully deliver a better playing experience for all the members.

Course Rangers and time expectation boards at certain holes

are other aspects we are considering to try and help with this.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions they would like

to make please email me at gentssec@prestonfieldgolf.com


Sid Noble