Car park incident


Will the owner of the red car captured on CCTV on Saturday causing this damage to the car below in the car park please contact the secretary or captain to enable insurance details to be swapped with the owner of the damaged car. They will also be able to retrieve the broken lamp as they left it during the ‘getaway’. All members are reminded to immediately report any accident to the secretary or the bar manager.

Under GDPR we have not disclosed the numberplate in this correspondence but we will pass this information onto the police if the owner does not come forward.


Members and guests are reminded that cars left in the car park are done so at their own risk. Prestonfield Golf Club will do everything in its power to help resolve issues including passing CCTV images to the Scottish Police if the matter requires a criminal investigation.


Many thanks for your help and please continue to park and drive responsibly as the vast majority of members do.

These incidents are few and far between but there were two at the weekend and we ask that the owner of the black car on Sunday afternoon that hit the blue car, also contact us. The stationary blue car was parked in the middle of the middle section of the car park. We are currently working through the footage and it would save us considerable time if the owner of the black car just came forward. If not we will pass the footage on in due course to Police Scotland.

Alan McEwan