At present, we are experiencing exceptional growing conditions, the rough is noticeably more difficult than normal. Currently it takes the Green Staff four and a half days to cut the rough and then a further half a day on a Friday afternoon to prepare the semi rough.

During this time of exceptional growth, we are adjusting the course set up. The cutting height of the main rough has been reduced from 40mm to 30mm and we are going to be cutting the semi rough twice a week. This is in order to make the experience more pleasurable for our Members, Guests and Visitors.

It is a balancing act to get the rough at the right height and avoiding slow play vs having striking definition in the fairways and rough (visually very pleasing to the eye). Douglas MacKenzie our Head Greenkeeper is our expert and he is aware of the difficulty of the course at present, the Council of Management hope you are enjoying the golf experience at Prestonfield Golf Club.