Another fantastic day outside on the course this Friday so if you are coming along to join the Captain’s roll up we’ll see you about 12.15, if not why dont you book a time and enjoy this glorious sunshine on the last day of August.

The captain’s roll up is designed to encourage new and old members to come along and meet without the need to book a time in the knowledge there will be other members to play with and the numbers are usually about 15-20.

Another great way to meet members is to come along to the divot nights. Nearly all members fix their pitchmarks, rake their bunkers and replace their divots as they play or nudge their playing partners and

Every year the divot night has been a great success and we hope you are able to come along and help sand and seed the divots on a number of different fairways which are now showing the wear and tear of a long arid season.

This year we are going to precede the presentation meeting by encouraging members to help out on the course.

We have blocked out 5:00-5:15pm on the sheet to allow one set of members to start at the first.

We have also blocked out 3.45pm-4pm to ensure there is a gap for members to do the 10th and 11th fairways at 5.30pm and the 12th and 14th around 6pm.

We’ve been very lucky with members donating their time to on course maintenance.

The fruits of these labours are seen in the recovery of the fairways, as the seed germinates and the grass grows.

There are always areas where trees roots suck the life out of the soil and unfortunately little or no grass grows but the better the growth coverage in the fairways the better the golf and the course appearance.

Soup and sanwiches will be available to all participants after their endeavours and will be served in the restaurant ahead of the meeting and Prestonfield presentation.

This year there will be a meeting after the divot night to go over plans for the winter and to take feedback from the membership on a variety of topics.

Alan McEwan