As mentioned in winter update 7 there has been problems up the left hand side of the 1st fairway for a number of years, since the additional building in the Pollock hall,s which has now come to a head. Last year it was so bad we couldn’t collect the leaves from one section and anyone who pulled a drive left was more likely to be plugged than see the ball scamper out of bounds. The drains were both broken and silted up. The remedial action Douglas and the team are taking will go a long way to drying the left hand side out and it will be interesting to this observer how much of the left hand side goes back to being as dry and hard as it was in the past.

Anecdotally, I was asked the other day why there were no ropes around the muddy section between the first tee and the flag pole. I laughed a little and explained the main reason is that nobody wants to aim straight at ropes from the tee. It does amuse me, that I never need ropes to stop me walking through puddles on the pavement but somehow when I’ve a trolley in my hands I turn into a Roman charioteer cutting a swathe where’er I feel. Maybe its the water proof shoes, an uncontrollable trolley or just the cold air making me want to walk onto a slippery surface instead of veering to the right onto the dry stuff. As golfers we cut our own path, quite often literally, although not today as the picture above suggest, the beast from the east has cut us down in its path and its not using a yellow ball!