Some extra news has come in this week that we wanted to share…

Strokeplay Competition Tee time Rules


Start times for these competitions will be drawn within a one-hour block. The entry sheet will be available on the Club’s website ( from 7.00am, in the clubhouse and the Professional’s Shop from 8.00am on the Saturday 14 days prior to the Competition weekend. Members may only book for themselves.

Phone bookings may be made from 9.00am the day after the start sheet is available. Entries will close at 6:00 pm on the Thursday prior to the competition. The draw sheet will be posted on the notice board and club website. Thereafter Members obtaining a start time or changing their start time will not be entitled to play in the Competition proper but they may participate in the sweep.

Start times are restricted to the period between 8.00am (7.30am between May and August) and 5.30pm. Members not playing in the Competition may not tee off after 6.30am on any medal or competition.

Mixed Open Draw

Follow the link below for the Mixed Open Draw.

We have tried to accommodate everyone’s preferred times, but not always possible. Any issues let us know.

As you’ll also see, plenty of times still available so if you know of any members or friends who would like to play please encourage them enter – it’s always a better atmosphere if we have a good turnout & obviously it also helps with the prize money!

Mixed Open 2017 23 Sept draw

This Week’s What’s Happening

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