We’re now past halfway in encouraging our membership to receive the weekly emails by “OPTING-IN”

If you hear of anyone who hasn’t been getting emails, its probably because they’ve missed the email about GDPR and  “OPTING-IN”

This was mentioned at the last forum (EGM) and although its a good thing for many reasons to wipe your data base and start again by  “OPTING-IN” , the onus is then on all our members to “OPT-IN”.

Work on GDPR compliance continues and we finished the work of removing all former members data last month from FREETIME. Work continues as and when members leave and procedures are now in place to ensure we comply with the legislation. Members have been very supportive in advising us on practices elsewhere and we confirm we have advised Scottish Golf to let us know they are complying with GDPR with regard to our members information relating to the handicaps.

If you are interested in complying with club rules regarding the fixing of pitch marks, or wish to buy something for a friend to encourage them, Scott Clark our Professional has a host of special gifts which are well worth buying for that special friend who needs a little help complying.

Alan McEwan