Please be aware that our Green staff have priority of the course, i.e. golfers should wait for the Green Staff to complete there task and should be out of the road prior to the member hitting their shot.

The bottom line is the 5 Green keepers are there to prepare the course each day for the golfers and we want to ensure our team are safe at work and the course is as good as it can be!

The Committee:

  • Put up signage stating that Green Keeping staff have priority on the course
  • Remind golfers that they must allow the Green Keeping staff to complete their work before playing their shot, unless otherwise waved through


The Golf Shop:

  • Ask golfers to respect the work of the Green Keepers by allowing them to complete their task before playing their shot
  • Explain the dangers of hitting golf balls at other players or Green Keeping staff (New balls travel at over 100 miles an hour!)


The Green Keepers:

  • Go about their work (where possible) in a timely manner
  • Move to one side and wave players through, where practicable and possible