When Ian Cowan drew out 6-8-9, he was only looking for a 7 to get a straight run and he drew a 5.

Such is the quintessential nature of the lottery draw.

Who would think to back 5-6-8-9?

The answer is nobody but Alistair Gilbert and Duncan Phillips came very close.

After 6 & 8 came out there were still over 50 people in with a chance of scooping the Jackpot.

6 & 8 were very popular this week.

Surprisingly 20 was friendless.

20 has been drawn out twice in the last 5 weeks, clearly you players knew its time was up!

Every single player had a double digit number.

This is only relevant when checking the hand filled sheets at the bar.

It makes it very easy to spot a winner when the numbers are all under 10.

Will it be a run from 15-20 next week

Will it be 2 under 10, 2 over 10?

Will 10 come out?

Tune in next week to find out and good luck!

Thanks to all the ladies who turned up to watch the draw so excitedly.

We dont have a picture of Duncan on file but its nice to see Alistair so happy !!

See you all on Wednesday and remember today bar and restaurant closed for staff holiday.

Alan McEwan