Congratulations to the following members who will split £100

Gordon Duff

Paul Frain

Sid Noble

David Baird

Finlay Samuel

15 was the first number drawn

20 was the second number drawn

6 was the third number drawn

To compound the agony for Finlay and Sid they were waiting on one number.

Sid was waiting on 1 while Finlay was waiting on 18.

When Douglas Mackenzie drew the final number the room fell silent, but there’s always next week.

£20 will be added to all the winners cards and hopefully next week is the week.

It feels like there’s not much chance of the £2796 Jackpot lasting past the A.G.M.

However, statisticians will tell you that the probability next week is the same as its been every week.

We’ll see when the numbers get drawn on Monday January 7th 2019.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2019 as the club heads into its 99th year!

Alan McEwan