More questions on the lottery over the weekend than there were on the accounts.

The answer to the question, “Will there be £100 for 3 numbers during January?” is yes.

If the Jackpot is not won, we will continue to split £100 between the people who successfully choose 3 numbers.

Any 3 number wins will be credited to your account as soon as practicable after the draw is complete.

There’s been another couple of question relating to the huge rise in the VAT irrecoverable which I may not have answered adequately.

As a club, we pay and collect VAT.

We are net payers of VAT, this year we get to claim nothing in relation to the course.

We employ the VAT planning Group to do our calculation and as a result we can claim a varying percentage of our VAT back depending on where it was paid, in the bar, clubhouse or on the course.

As we received back our VAT for greenfees in the landmark case a few years back, we can no longer get VAT back on items purchased for the course.

This indeed means this rise is significant for us going forward as we need to be aware it is unlikely that we can claim back the VAT on things we buy, eg rakes for bunkers,etc.

There was also a question relating to the PAT testing and Fire prevention. This year we also asked for the sockets to be inspected as the ones with heavy use can over time loosen wires at the back of the socket. This work was completed during November and December.

There’ll be a more detailed response in the next Q & A post.


Alan McEwan