The draft new Articles are posted for comments in advance of passing at an EGM following the next AGM- the cost of calling an EGM sooner is not justified. The amended articles are intended to reflect

• new legislation including auditing of accounts
• new membership categories since the Articles were last drafted- and allow Council to create ne ones without amending the Articles each time. This level of detail does not be in the Articles
• change in timing of payment of subscriptions
• reflect that new members do not always pay a joining fee and may not be proposed and seconded
• amend member numbers to reflect current demand
• update the way we communicate with members. Email was not common when the Articles were drafted and to post meeting notices and accounts would add considerable costs to the club.
• Reduce times you need to be a member to serve on council
• Clarify which categories of members can vote

Follow this link to view the amended articles.

We would welcome comments from all members to Liam and myself

Andrew MacDonald