The coaching philosophy of the professionals at Prestonfield Golf Club incorporate the principles of the Titleist Performance Institute to deliver a lesson that is as unique as each individual. All levels of golfers are welcome and each lesson is designed to provide comprehensive instruction by utilising state of the art technology in an enjoyable environment. Scott


Our Director of Golf Scott Clark has extensive experience of coaching individuals of all levels from complete beginners to aspiring Tour Professionals. Scott is TPI certified and joins us from Turnberry’s Performance Academy. He is also a member of Bunkered Magazine’s Teaching Panel.

Donald is a new addition to the team, joining us in August 2014. He is currently undertaking his PGA foundation degree program which will provide him with access to a comprehensive network of some of the best and most knowledgeable coaches in Britain. Donald joins the team having spent two years at the Lee Westwood Golf School, England where he acquired substantial technical knowledge through the experience of former players on the European, Challenge, Asian and Sunshine tours.

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30 Minutes £30.00 (Prestonfield golf club members £25.00)

Designed to meet your personal requirements. Included in the price is instruction on any aspect of the game that you specifically want to improve.

60 Minutes £40.00 (Prestonfield golf club members £35.00)

Utilising GASP technology. Included in the price is a personal profile, instruction on any aspect of the game and supervised practise with drills.

4 x 30 Minutes £80.00 (Prestonfield golf club members £70.00)

Long Term objectives can only be achieved through accomplishment of a series of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed goals. Let our professionals assist you in reaching your golfing goals

Set-up for success!

Scott Set upOne of the most influential acts you can do when you are out playing is pay particular attention to the way you set-up to the golf ball. It really is as important as everyone says it is.

Your set-up influences so many aspects of your swing, but today I am only going to focus on two key factors.

The width of your stance is crucial, too wide and it locks up the hips preventing them from being able to turn. NO hip turn, NO rotation. Too narrow and it doesn’t provide any stability in your body when you are swinging and the club will pull you all over the place.

So what’s the answer then? For me the width of your stance for a full shot should see the inside of your feet to be approximately shoulder width. This sets your hips in a stable, centred position that allows them to turn and support the rotation of your body.

Upper body tilt is dictated by the length of club, individual flexibility and ground angle to name a few factors. But for a quick reference point, I like to remind my clients that you are swinging a weighted object at speed around your body, it will pull you out of your position if you let it. The more movement you have in your swing, the less stable you are, the harder it is to be consistent in your ball striking. Think about it for a moment, you set up with the club directly behind the ball, any excessive movement away from this starting position, is a movement away from hitting the ball the way you want to.

Your posture should create balance and readiness for the movement. When in posture, with a relatively straight back, if you can naturally run an imagery line directly down from the back of your shoulders through your knee caps and down into your shoe laces you will find yourself in a good position.

Good swings can only happen from good starting positions!

Please let us know if you enjoy reading these tips. Remember golf is an individual sport and your swing is unique to you. Happy golfing!

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