As per the latest R & A Manual on Pace of Play we have decided

to adopt “Play When Ready” golf in all Strokeplay formats in

order to try and improve the time taken to complete our competitions.

Obviously this does not apply to Matchplay.

This is basic common sense and now proper etiquette rather than

having to wait on the person who is further away from the hole

if they are not ready or able to play.

However this is not a green light to rush up to your ball

and hit it, but encouraging players to play sensibly without

being reckless and endangering other players.

As with all golf you should be aware of your position on the

course and have consideration for all the players around you.

A few Examples;

If the person with the honour from the Tee is not ready

and the hole in front is clear then whoever is ready should play.

If the person with the honour is a long hitter and has to wait

for the group in front, then a shorter hitter can play

if safe to do so.

Where possible you should always go to your own ball

to be ready to play and if someone needs help, play

your shot first.

If someone is in trouble or raking a bunker or gone through

the green it is preferable if the other players carry on.

The principle was always be ready to play which has not

changed, the normal rules of etiquette have not changed

either with this exception; ie

Play a provisional ball if there is a doubt.

Position your bag in the most appropriate place.

Line up your putts before its your shot.

Marking score cards on the next tee when convenient.

We will put up notices in the Pro Shop, around the Clubhouse

and on the Website with a more detailed explanation.

Also you can look up of play.