The Draw for the Shotgun as of Thursday, there are spaces left

on holes 5 and 15 and 1 space left on hole 7.

This is a fun competition so only a minimum of any 3 Tee Shots

per player, 15% of total Handicap, 20% if only 3 players.

Gents play from the White Tees, Ladies from the Red Tees.

Hole 1. A. Dickson, J. Watson, J. Scott, J.Reid.

Hole 2. R.Gillon, P. Stirling, A.Gillon, D. Phillips

Hole 3. A. McEwan, D. Blyth, B. Robertson, C. Blyth

Hole 4. S.Lister, S. Hill, W. Brown, J. Hardie

Hole 5.

Hole 6. I. McKenna, C. Grieve, T. Alston, N. Scott

Hole 7. J.Moir, S. McKenzie, A.McInnes

Hole 8. D. Lambert, A. Gray, J. Edwards, P. Sharkey

Hole 9. P. Plenderleith, R. Hill, H. Inns, J. Hoy

Hole 10. R. Myles, S. Johnston, D. Johnston, A. Stewart

Hole 11. I. Cowan, J. McKenzie, M. Johnston, P. Thomson

Hole 12. K. Samuel, A. Samuel, A. Thomson, S. Blaik

Hole 13. A. Innes, M. McCartney, T. Blackie, D. Smith

Hole 14. M.Welsh, A. Lister, R. Little, J. Pacitti

Hole 15.

Hole 16. J.McDiarmid, P. Flynn, S. Williamson, D. Cunningham

Hole 17. K. Wood, B. Murphy, J. Binnie, S. Noble

Hole 18. J. Riddell, A. Williams, I. McDonald, J. Murphy

If for any reason you cannot play please let the Pro Shop

or your partners know so they can get a replacement.

Please be at your Starting Tee at least 5 minutes beforehand.

Enjoy your golf and THE OPEN in the clubhouse afterwards.