Hi Everyone, as we have done now for the past couple of years we are

going to have a Shotgun Scramble of the morning of the final day of the Open.

The purpose of this apart from having a fun competition is to encourage

the vast majority of players to have something to eat and drink and

create an enjoyable atmosphere watching the golf in the clubhouse.

Again like last year if you want to pick your own teams then you will

have to book up holes 6 to 14 and if you want to enter the draw then

you will be playing from holes 1 to 5 or 15 to 18 but with who ???.

The draw will be done on a handicap basis with each team having

an equal spread of low, medium and high players.

Scott will be doing an Italian buffet after the golf, about 1.30pm

so the cost will be £3pp for the golf or £10 including the buffet.

The sheet will be in the Pro Shop so again phone 0131 667 8597

and please indicate whether you want the buffet or not.


Sid Noble