We had 17 teams participating, only the 5th Hole was free

and although the forecast was not encouraging it ended up

being rather decent playing conditions.

Ricky Myles deserted his usual playing partners and his hand

picked team of Scott Johnston, Murray Fraser and Chris Sinclair

managed to win with a score of 54.3.

J. Binnie, P Thomson, D. Phillips and G. Moran were second with 56.8

I.Ross, A. Dickson, M. Smith and B.Murphy managed to sneak a 58.6

to edge D.Smith, A.Gunn, R.Taylor and G.Gerrard with 59.1 out the prizes.

But they got a mention !!

The Team Prizes were 1st £100, 2nd £60, 3rd £35, 4th absolutely nothing.

Thanks to all who took part.