The football fixtures are coming in fast and offer us a chance to justify why we spend so much on SKY Sports.

Super Sunday Derby day is this Sunday so come along to the club

12.00pm – Chelsea v Fulham

2.05pm – Arsenal v Tottenham

4.15pm – Liverpool v Everton

There’s been a lot of talk about how much clubs and pubs are paying to supply SKY Sports to their members and visitors and as many of you know its not cheap.

There’s an advert on the wall of Swanys Bar explaining that £1700 per month is what SKY want to charge them and as a result they no longer have SKY.

We might seem lucky that our charges are nearer £5000 +VAT (£1000) but its still too much money if our members rarely watch it.

Your Council has always assumed for the big events its essential and certainly the RYDER CUP, the Masters & Open, as well as the Rugby internationals usually see a lot of members bringing their guests along and the bar turnover rises. The question often asked, more frequently these days, is does it rise enough?

We continue to provide SKY Sports as a service to members, but a little bit of analysis can inform the discussion as well as our negotiations with SKY.

We recently re-negotiated with SKY so we will see a reduction this year but we will review it again in September 2019.

Unfortunately we cant just pick’n’mix when we’d like SKY, its all or nothing.

For those who wonder where this figure hides in the annual accounts, I suggest you look under bar trading account and follow your nose from there.

To put some perspective on this from a financial point of view, we studied the impact of the Masters, the Open and the Ryder Cup, on our turnover and profit. All were positive but not as positive as some might think.

The best by far was the RYDER Cup where our profit (after costs) compared with 2017, exceeded £600 for the weekend. This additional profit is purely attributable to having SKY. Our revenue for the same weekend was nearly half of what we got this year. Having said that we pay £6000 (incl VAT) to get it. If the bar makes £200 more than it usually does on Sunday then its proof that SKY does enhance the member experience and encourages them to use the bar. If however its largely the same as any other weekend where there are no games, eg the international break, we’ll have our answer. So please, if you appreciate the club having SKY SPORTS come along this weekend.

We’ll be running an anytime goalscorer / scorecast sweep for the 3 games and the sheet will be on the bar from Saturday for anyone who wishes to participate.

So come along, support the club, it should be a good super Sunday and I’m off Monday !


Alan McEwan