This is the first Qualifying Competition of the year therefore it will

be a seeded draw in a 3 ball format for the whole day.

This format has been in place for all qualifying competitions for a long time,

it is popular as it places players with similar handicaps together however

in my experience it is the slowest format, because the draw is in hourly slots

you regularly have Category 1 players playing directly behind Category 4 players.

Now I know many higher handicappers who might play 20 odd shots more

than Cat 1 players but will still manage to get round quicker so that’s not

entirely the issue but it isn’t ideal either.

Hopefully by adopting Ready Golf this might help alleviate this situation,

last year in this competition it took 4h 15 mins for our 3 Ball which is too long.

This is the first round of the Aggregate Trophy both Scratch and

Handicap which takes your best 2 scores from the Spring, Summer

and Autumn meetings so playing the 3 Meetings will give you a better chance.

NB the draw will be made at 4pm on Thursday 27th rather than the usual 6.00pm.


Sid Noble