As anyone who books a time for Saturday will tell you there’s a lot of golfers trying to play and as we head towards December 23rd those who like to play on a Saturday or Sunday might find themselves squeezed out or playing in the dark.

This inevitably leads to question about how many members we have and are we at capacity yet.

The answer is yes for certain categories.

Waiting lists for trolley sheds and lockers is a clear indication, as is a lack of starting times.

The idea on our recent advertising for 5 day members is that we are not at capacity for 5 day members but we are very much on the one in one out, when it comes to full members.

The joining fee was re-introduced during 2018 and will be applied to all new members from January 1st 2019.

The Member get Member scheme ensures the joining fee is largely negated for full members and 5 day members but for the under 31’s it means, even if they know a member, they will still have a little to pay a small net joining fee.

With the rise in new members the club reduced the MGM 20% discount scheme from two years to one year, with the benefit being paid onto the introducing member’s card.

As new members continued the Club reduced the Member get Member scheme to 10% last year and this scheme will stop in April 2019.

Our campaigns with our members, in the national press and with the Ladies Get into Golf have resulted in more members joining than leaving over the last couple of years.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best and being here to answer calls or emails from prospective members have been very productive.

Introducing the online form and generally encouraging members to give forms to their friends has been very productive.

Whenever we’ve been late in responding the potential new member has often found another club, but if we have responded immediately we usually welcome the new member within a couple of days, if not hours.

Its impossible to say if MGM has been solely successful at attracting new members as we’ve found you, the members, the professional and all the staff, have been the selling point.

Whatever sex or age group, the new member is joining a club and it is about the welcome and so clearly our members have been more welcoming of late.

Generally speaking members who joined in the last 2-3 years are still members, whereas the members who joined in the last decade have often only lasted a season or two.

Long may it continue and if anyone knows a friend who wants to join a golf club…….

Merry Christmas

Alan McEwan