It has been brought to my attention that several ties in the first round of the Gents Greensomes were played off the tees Gents would normally play their competitions from (white). With the course undergoing a winter program of protection, a decision was made to apply a handicap reduction to all, which was based on the proposed work and reduced distance of the course. With this in place and to reduce footfall over the whole of the gents tees during the winter, this competition is to be played off the YELLOW Tees and NOT whites.

I apologise for my failure in not making this obvious for all. I made the assumption that, that question would be asked when enquiring for your corrected handicap from the Professional Shop, but obviously this was not the case for all.

I believe, this only affected a handful of the ties that were played on Saturday and given the small number, it makes sense to attempt to try and rectify the issue, given that the handicap change was applied to make the competition fairer to all.

The common sense and sporting approach to take would be for the winning pair to offer to replay those ties that were affected by this error. Unless your handicap difference is negligible ie 1 or 2 shots. Extensions will be available for ties that need to be replayed under these circumstances, as long as the Gents Secretary is informed by e-mail.

Please accept my apology for my part in this mistake, in what was my first, and what could be my last, competition as Gents Secretary.

Yours in Sport

John Binnie