I thought the Cards were very carefully designed and self explanatory,

A box for the Yellow Ball points, a box for each players score and

A box for the team Score however you needed to be a Forensic Scientist

to be able to audit all the various scores however after much deliberation

the results were as follows;

The winning team score with 91 points was;

S.Williamson, A. Stewart, D.Kaye and I. McDonald £ 20 each

Runner up with 88 points was

B. Robertson, C.Clarke, R.Manson and A. Dickson £ 10 each

The Yellow Ball winning team with 40 points was also;

B.Robertson, C.Clarke, R.Manson and A.Dickson £ 20 each

Runner Up with 37 Points was;

R.Gillon, D.Hoskin, G.Sinclair and A.Elliot £10 each

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who took

part in what was rather less than ideal playing conditions !!


Sid Noble