Fixtures 2017

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January to March 2017

 January 2017

 Tues  17th  AGM
 Sat  28th  Five Club (open to All Members)

 February 2017

 Sat  25th  Gents’ Yellow Ball Stableford

 March 2017

 Sat  11th  Gents’ Texas Scramble
 Sun  12th  Ladies’ Alternate All Prize Competition
 Tues  14th  Ladies’ All Prize Competition
 Sun  19th  Ladies’ Alternate Texas Scramble
 Tues  21st  Ladies’ Texas Scramble
 Sat  25th  Gents’ Archie Williams Trophy (Stableford) (Opening Medal)
 Sun  26th  Ladies’ Alternate Netta Watson Stableford Trophy
 Junior AGM (12.00 pm)
 Junior Medal (1.00 pm)
 Tues  28th  Ladies’ Netta Watson Stableford Trophy
April 2017

 April 2017

 Sat 1st  Closing date for entries for Summer Matchplay
 Ladies’ April Medal
 Sun 2nd  Ladies’AlternateNCSRCharityCompetition(Stableford)
 Tues 4th  Ladies’NSCRCharityCompetition(Stableford)
 Thurs 6th  Junior Medal (12.00 pm)
 Sun 9th  Ladies’ Alternate Coronation Foursomes
 Optional Medal (Ladies’ and Gents’) (Stableford)
 Tues 11th  Ladies’ Coronation Foursomes
 Closing date for Ladies’ Hole and Hole entries
 Wed 12th  MCLGAGreensomesvMurrayfield(Away1.30pm)
 Thurs13th  SEDSGLeaguevMortonhall(Home9.00am)
 Sat 15th  Alan G.S. Morrison Trophy (Strokeplay)
 Sun 16th  Ladies’ Alternate Gleneagles Medal
 Junior Medal (2.00 pm)
 Tues 18th  Ladies’ Gleneagles Medal
 Thurs 20th  9-hole Competition (10.30am)
 Fri 21st  PBCFoundationCharityDay
 Shotgun Start Course Closed to 1.00pm
 Sat 22nd  Ladies’ Spring Meeting
 Sun23rd  Ladies’ Alternate Stewart Cup
 Mon 24th  MCLGASpringMeeting&BQualifier–CraigmillarPark
 Tues 25th  Ladies’ Stewart Cup
 Wed 26th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Thurs 27th  MCLGA5asidevRathoPark(Home5.30pm)
 Sat 29th  Gents’ Spring Meeting (Stableford)
 Sun30th  Ladies’ Alternate May Medal
 Optional Medal (Ladies’ and Gents’) (Stableford)
May 2017

 May 2017

 Tues  2nd  Ladies’MayMedal(1stroundSilver&BronzeQualifier)
 Wed  3rd  Gents’OptionalMedal(Strokeplay)
 Thurs 4th  Seniors’ Friendly v Gogarburn (Away 10.00 am)
 9-hole Competition (10.30am)
 Sun  7th  Gents’AnnualMatchvLanark(11.30amto12.12pm)
 Ladies’ Alternate Golf Foundation
 Junior Summer League v Liberton (Away 2.00 pm)
 Mon  8th  MCLGA5asidevNewbattle(Home5.30pm)
 Tues  9th  SummerLeaguevGlencorse(Away5.30pm)
 Wed  10th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Sun  14th  Ladies’AlternateRNLICompetition(Stableford)
 Mon  15th  SummerLeaguevSilverknowes(Home5.30pm)
 MCLGA Midsummer Foursomes – Liberton
 Tues  16th  Ladies’RNLICompetition(Stableford)
 Wed  17th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Strokeplay)
 Fri  19th  Findlay Black Putter (Over 65 Members Stableford)
 Sat  20th  Bobby Stewart Memorial Trophy (Strokeplay)
 Sun  21st  Ladies’ Alternate Logan Cup
 Optional Medal (Ladies’ and Gents’) (Stableford)
 Mon  22nd  MCLGAGreensomesvRathoPark(Home10.30am)
 Tues  23th  Ladies’LoganCup(3rdroundSilver&BronzeQualifier)
 Wed  24th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Thurs 25th  Ladies’vMerchantsFriendly(Home5.30pm)
 Fri  26th  JuniorSummerLeaguevSwanston(Away5.30pm)
 Sat  27th  Gents’ Summer Meeting – (Strokeplay) Championship
 Sun  28th  Gents’ Appleton Trophy – (Strokeplay) Championship
 Mon  29th  SummerLeaguevRatho(Home5.30pm)
 Tues  30th  Ladies’ Open Tri-Am (Course Closed)
 Wed  31st  Gents’OptionalMedal(Strokeplay)
June 2017

 June 2017

 Thurs 1st  Seniors’FriendlyMatchvDuddingston(Home9.00am)
 Sun 4th  Mixed Foursomes Competition
 Junior Medal (2.00 pm)
 Mon 5th  Club Championship Match Play
 Tues 6th  SEDSGLeaguevCraigmillarPark(Away9.00am)
 Club Championship Match Play
 Wed 7th  Club Championship Match Play
 Ladies’ Silver Quarter Finals (5.00 pm)
 Thurs 8th  Club Championship Match Play
 Fri9th  ClubChampionshipMatchPlaySemi-finals
 Ladies’ Silver (5.45 pm) & Bronze (6.00 pm)
 Sat10th  ClubChampionshipFinalsDay
 Ladies’ Silver & Bronze Championships
 Junior Championship
 Sun 11th  Ladies’ Alternate Chris White Salver (Stableford)
 Tues13th  Ladies’ Chris White Salver (Stableford)
 Wed 14th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Thurs 15th  Gents’ Senior Open (Course Closed)
 Sat 17th  Gilroy Quaich (Strokeplay)
 Sun 18th  Ladies’ Alternate Summer Meeting
 Junior Medal (1.00 pm)
 Mon 19th  SummerLeagueRatho(Away5.30pm)
 Tues 20th  Ladies’ Summer Meeting
 Wed 21st  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Thurs 22nd  SEDSGLeaguevBroomieknowe(Home9.00am)
 Sun 25th  Ladies’ Alternate June Medal
 Tues27th  SummerLeaguevMortonhall(Away5.30pm)
 Ladies’ June Medal
 Wed 28th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
July 2017

 July 2017

 Sat 1st  Gents’ Pairs Better Ball Open (Course Closed)
 Sun 2nd  Ladies’ Alternate July Medal
 Optional Medal (Ladies’ and Gents’) (Stableford)
 Mon3rd  SummerLeaguevGlencorse(Home5.30pm)
 Tues 4th  Ladies’ July Medal
 Wed 5th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Strokeplay)
 Thurs 6th  Seniors’ Friendly v Gogarburn (Home 9.00 am )
 Junior Medal (12.00 pm)
 Sat 8th  Gents’ Corbett Trophy (Strokeplay)
 Sun 9th  Lothian v Fife (9.15 am to 11.15 am)
 Mon 10th  MCLGASummerMeeting–Duddingston
 Tues 11th  LadyCaptain’sCharityDay
 Wed 12th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Sun 16th  Ladies’ Alternate 75th Anniversary Medal (Stableford)
 Junior Medal (2.00 pm)
 Mon 17th  JuniorOpen(Coursecloseduntil1.30pm)
 Tues 18th  Ladies’ 75th Anniversary Medal (Stableford)
 Wed 19th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Strokeplay)
 Thurs20th  SEDSGLeaguevTurnhouse(Home9.00am)
 Sat 22nd  Gents’ Invitation Silloth
 Sun23rd  ShotgunGreensomes (9.00 am to 1.00 pm) (All Members)
 Junior Medal (2.00 pm)
 Mon 24th  SummerLeaguevMortonhall(Home5.30pm)
 Tues 25th  Gents’ v Ladies’ Seniors’Match-CoucheTrophy(9.30am)
 Wed 26th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Thurs 27th  Seniors’ Friendly v Liberton (Home 9.00 am)
 Junior Medal (12.00 pm)
 Sun30th  OptionalMedal(Ladies’ and Gents’) (Stableford)
 Junior Medal (2.00 pm)
August 2017

 August 2017

 Tues  1st  Henderson Loggie Ladies’  Open Greensomes
 (Course Closed)
 (Tues 1st – Fri 4th)
 Wed  2nd  Gents’ Optional Medal (Strokeplay)
 Thurs 3rd  SEDSGLeaguevKingsknowe(Away8.50am)
 Junior Medal (12.00 pm)
 Sat  5th  Gents’CollierSalver(StrokePlayChampionshipRound1)
 Sun  6th  Members’DayGreensomes
 (All Members including Juniors/Clubgolf)
 Tues  8th  Ladies’ Charity Stableford – 90th Anniversary Salver
 Wed  9th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Stableford)
 Thurs 10th  9-hole Competition (10.30am)
 Sat  12th  SBC Financial Scratch & Handicap Open (Course Closed)
 Sun  13th  Ladies’ Alternate Fields in Trust Competition (Stableford)
 Junior Medal (2.00 pm)
 Tues  15th  Ladies’ Fields in Trust Competition (Stableford)
 Wed  16th  Gents’ Optional Medal (Strokeplay)
 Thurs 17th  SEDSGLeaguevSwanston(Home9.00am)
 Sat  19th  Gents’ Autumn Meeting
 Sun  20th  Ladies’ Alternate August Medal
 Mon  21st  MCLGA 5 a side v Carrickvale (Home 5.00 pm)
 Tues  22nd  Ladies’ August Medal
 Thurs 24th  Ladies’vGullaneEthelJackTrophy(Home10.00am)
 Fri  25th  CorporateSponsorsDay
 Sat  26th  Ladies’ Autumn Meeting
 Sun  27th  Ladies’ / Gents’ Invitation Scramble – Clubgolf Scramble
 Mon  28th  MCLGAGreensomesvMortonhall(Home10.30am)
 Tues  29th  Senior Ladies’ Cuthbertson Trophy (Morning)
 Wed  30th  Gents’OptionalMedal(Stableford)
 Thurs 31st  SEDSGLeaguevRavelston(Away9.00am)
October to December 2017

 October 2017

 Sun  1st  Family Foursomes Competition
 Sun  8th  Ladies’/ Gents’ Tri Am
 Thurs 12th  Junior Medal (12.00 pm)
 Sat  14th  Gents’ Pairs Stableford Competition
 Sun  22nd  9-holeGolfDay(All Members)
 Sat  28th  Halloween Competition (All Members)

 November 2017

 Fri  3rd  Ladies’AnnualDinner&PresentationofPrizes
 Sat  4th  Gents’ Texas Scramble
 Wed  15th  MCLGA AGM & Prize Giving (Liberton)
 Fri  17th  Gents’AnnualDinner&PresentationofPrizes
 Tues  21st  Ladies’ AGM

 December 2017

 Sun  3rd  Ladies’ Alternate Turkey Trot
 Tues  5th  Ladies’ Turkey Trot